Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We are Welcoming:

We want to be a church where people feel they belong. We
want to serve the community and one another. We want everyone to feel
they are valued and have a place they can serve within their spiritual gifts.

We are Biblical:

We believe the word of God is the foundation for truth in our lives and
equips us in all aspects of life. Scripture will be the basis of our preaching
and teaching.

We are Culturally Relevant:

We want to equip people to live as Christ-followers in a modern world.

We are Outreach Focused:

We want to live hospitable lives that engage, connect with, and invite
people to know Christ and experience the life He offers.

We Believe in Power of Prayer:

We believe that God hears and answers prayers. We believe when we
pray, we experience God because we partner with His mission.

We Believe in the Love of God:

We believe God shows us perfect, unconditional love calling us His sons
and daughters. We believe the love of God creates unity with one another.

We Believe in Transforming Lives:

We believe our faith in Jesus leads us into a lifelong journey of
transformation, pursuing holiness, experiencing freedom, and inviting
others to follow. We believe that life change happens best in care groups.
We will encourage members and adherents to join a care group and attend
as regularly as practical.

We Believe in Healing:

We want the church to be a safe place where it is normative to be healed of
guilt and shame. We want to see people experience healthy, God honoring
family life, marriage, and relationships.